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Parshav Consulting, founded in 2005, is a leading provider of software training and consulting. We are into corporate training, which helps the employees and freshers to harness the corporate experience. We are dedicated to providing the best possible and highest quality academic and co-curricular programs, drawing on the talent and creativity of our staff and others who share our vision.
Corporate Objectives:

Trust: Customers’ and employees’ trust of a business are critical in its ultimate success. When a business builds trust, customers will beat a path to their cash register.
Consistency: Surprises should be left for birthdays, anniversaries, and wrapped presents. A surprise shouldn’t come in the form of a price change, fit problems or confusion with style. Consumers need consistency in the company’s presentation of its brand, pricing, product assortment and image.
Loyalty: There is a saying in retailing; “When a customer purchases the first product, overhead expenses are paid. When a customer purchased two items, a profit is made.” The long-term success of a retailer relies on customers purchasing the “plus-one” and loyal behavior. The loyal customer is the lifeblood of the retailer. Customers will be loyal to a company as long as the company is loyal to its customers. Loyalty is definitely a two way street.

Our Mission

Our mission is to equip our students with the knowledge, skills, values and confidence to become enterprising, innovative and compassionate members of the global community.

Our Vision

"Encourage each student to achieve their maximum potential both academic and social.
We believe that all people have the capacity to develop the qualities of leadership."

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Our Beliefs

  • Trust
  • Consistency
  • Loyalty
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